World view: Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka

Author: Tom Parker
Photography: Tom Parker

Photographer Tom Parker shares the story behind this aerial shot of a fishing village in Sri Lanka.

"Weligama is a fishing village on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, about 45 minutes' drive east of Galle. In the mornings and evenings when the boats come in, little market stores lining the road behind the beach sell the freshest tuna, seer and snapper.

"I was in a helicopter taking some test shots for a project when I saw these fishing boats ahead and asked the pilot to hover. It was a stormy morning but Weligama Bay is sheltered and there was still some clarity in the water.

"Sri Lanka is a magical place. I first visited in 1999, and moved there to live and work in 2004, a few months before the Boxing Day tsunami. I've spent close to three years in the country, and return a couple of times a year. To me it feels like the Garden of Eden."

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