Malibu makeover

Author: Frances Hibbard

February is the line-in-the-sand month marking the end of holiday excess and the start of virtuous habits. And, right on cue, a new boot-camp option is offered by The Ranch at Live Oak, in Malibu. Its take-no-prisoners seven-day retreat promises weight loss, mental clarity and an overhaul achieved by intensive exercise and restricted vegetarian diet. Expect to work for it. There is no mobile reception, no WiFi, no vices and no options; guests participate in every activity.

But a week is a long time on boot camp, which is why founders Alex and Sue Glasscock have introduced R4.0, a four-day program in partnership with the California Health and Longevity Institute. It's set at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village and offers the same rigorous exercise with a little more connectivity and a little less isolation. R4.0 costs $4,260 per person all inclusive.

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