No mean feet

At the end of a long beach stretch, hikers on Tasmania's Bay of Fires Lodge Walk can anticipate a massage or foot bath when the season opens on 1 October. Next to the Ken Latona-designed Bay of Fires Lodge, the new spa shares the ocean views along Tasmania's north-east coast and the low-slung timber-pavilion aesthetic.

"We often have guests arriving at the lodge after two days of walking, saying, 'What I'd give for a massage', so a spa seemed logical," says Heath Garrett, the general manager of the Tasmanian Walking Company, which operates the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk and Cradle Mountain Huts Walk. The spa lists Li'tya products on the menu and the former manager's residence has a deck, indoor lounging areas, a library and an outdoor bathing pavilion surrounded by heathland. The three-night, four-day walk costs from $2150 per person. (03) 6392 2211.

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