Dark chocolate bark


  • Serves 8 people

  • 50 gm milk chocolate (optional), tempered, such as Lindt Excellence
  • 500 gm dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids), tempered, such as Lindt Excellence
  • 150 gm almond slivers, lightly toasted
  • 100 gm pistachios
  • 40 gm dried cranberries
  • 25 gm puffed rice
01   Line a 20cm x 20cm shallow square tin with baking paper. Dip a pastry brush in the tempered milk chocolate, then paint base of baking paper-lined tin with chocolate and stand until starting to set. Spread a thin layer of dark chocolate over (about 2 tbsp) and smooth with a palette knife.
02   In a large mixing bowl, combine remaining ingredients, then add remaining dark chocolate, stirring until well combined.
03   Smooth chocolate mixture onto prepared pan and spread out to 1.5cm thick. Refrigerate for 5 minutes, then stand in a cool place until set. Cut into portions with a bread knife and serve. Chocolate will keep in an airtight container for a week.
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