Peach-Ginger Punch with Rye


The peach purée for this punch can be made a day ahead - add the other ingredients just before serving. For the best flavour, use very ripe peaches and make sure the boozy peach nectar is well-chilled. Serve the punch with extra sliced peaches macerated in rye whiskey for an added kick.

  • 6 ripe yellow peaches (1.2kg), crosses scored on the bases
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 750 ml (3 cups) ginger beer
  • 300 ml rye whiskey
  • 60 ml St-Germain liqueur
  • To serve: thin peach wedges macerated in rye whiskey and mint leaves (optional)
01   Blanch peaches until just tender and skins start to split (1 minute), then drain. Remove skins (it’s okay if some flesh comes away too) and place them in a bowl with lemon juice. Stand until colour seeps from them (about a minute), then transfer to a blender along with peach flesh. Blend to a smooth purée, then transfer to a sterile bottle with tight lid and refrigerate until required. Purée will keep refrigerated for 2 days.
02   Add ginger beer gradually (it will bubble up) along with the rye whiskey and St-Germain to chilled peach purée, then transfer to individual serving bottles, seal again and keep on ice ready to serve.

Note This recipe makes about 1.5 litres.

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