Char-grilled asparagus and haloumi with mint and lemon


  • Serves 4 people

  • 24 asparagus stalks, ends trimmed, cut into 8cm lengths
  • 500 gm haloumi
  • For brushing and drizzling: extra-virgin olive oil
  • ½ tsp each dried chilli flakes and dried mint
  • To serve: mint and lemon wedges
01   Blanch asparagus until bright green and just tender (30 seconds-1 minute), refresh, then pat dry on absorbent paper.
02   Cut haloumi into 1cm-thick slices, then halve each slice lengthways to form a piece about the same size as the asparagus. Thread asparagus and haloumi alternately onto bamboo or metal skewers and set aside.
03   Heat a char-grill pan (or barbecue) over medium-high heat. Brush asparagus and haloumi with olive oil and char-grill, turning occasionally, until haloumi is golden and asparagus is tender (3-4 minutes). Scatter with chilli, dried mint and fresh mint, drizzle with oil, and serve with lemon wedges.
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