Honey and fig jam cappuccino


  • Serves 1 people

For a twist on your regular morning coffee fix, try this honey and fig jam cappuccino featuring Nespresso's Tribute to Milano Limited Edition capsules. As sweet and satisfying as it sounds.

  • 1 tsp fig jam
  • 2 tsp honey
  • 2 Tribute to Milano coffee capsules, extracted as 25ml Ristrettos
  • milk
  • cantuccini biscuits, optional
01   Place one teaspoon of fig jam and one teaspoon of honey in a cappuccino cup.
02   Pour two Tribute to Milano Ristrettos over the fig jam and honey.
03   Heat and froth some milk and pour over the coffee. Alternatively, serve with chilled milk.
04   Sprinkle crumbled cantuccini over the top and serve, optional.

This recipe is presented by Nespresso



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