Shore to Shore

"It's a take on the Dark and Stormy," says Simon Toohey of Lobo Plantation. Toohey says he and fellow Lobo barkeep Jay Gray love medicinal-tasting American-style root beer (not to be confused with ginger beer). "It's an acquired taste, but if it's a taste you've acquired, you'll be drinking it all night long."

  • 50 ml Havana AƱejo Especial
  • 3 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • To top: A&W root beer
  • To garnish: lime halves
  • To garnish: maraschino cherries and mint leaves
01   Fill a tall glass with large ice cubes. Add rum and bitters, top with root beer, garnish with lime, maraschino cherries and mint leaves and serve.

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