Best meat for winter roasting

Author: Anthony Puharich
Photography: Lauren Haire

'Tis the season to be roasting; how about something new to stick in the oven this Sunday?

Ask your butcher to prepare a whole point-end piece of rump, which will be tender, juicy and full of flavour.

Short-rib on the bone can also be roasted to great effect.

I think neck of pork can come up as beautifully as belly, and the French were onto something when they used the top or thick end of a fillet of beef to create the mighty Chateaubriand.

If it's lamb you're thinking, but you want to try something other than leg or shoulder, ask your butcher to trim, tie and roll a short saddle.

For something that's reasonably priced, meanwhile, try a nice shoulder of veal, often sold as veal blade.

If you're confident in the kitchen, why not try roasting something from the range of delicious and interesting seasonal game birds that are now widely available in Australia? You could be talking pheasant or guinea fowl, partridge or pigeon. I'm partial to a good-sized free-range duck, too. They offer interesting textures and flavours that will challenge and please the family at the same time.

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