Patrick Friesen’s most Canadian dish of all time

Though Papi Chulo chef Patrick Friesen has lived in Sydney for over a decade, he grew up in Kleefeld, Manitoba - right in the "big sky country" centre of Canada and is passionate about his homeland, especially Canadian food.

Friesen threw around a few ideas for the one dish he misses most about home - cheddar perogies with sausage and cream gravy, anyone? - but he settled on maple syrup toffee. Also known as tire d'érable, it's made in Canada during winter festivals such as Le Festival du Voyageur (Western Canada's largest winter festival) or during what's known as "sugaring off" season, when maple farmers harvest their syrup.

The toffee is made by boiling maple syrup until it's thick and caramelised. To harden it, the hot toffee is poured onto fresh snow. As it starts to set children are given popsicle sticks to roll the maple toffee onto, and walk around eating it. "It's delicious," says Friesen, "and very, very Canadian."

 Papi Chulo, 22/23 Manly Rd, Manly, NSW, (02) 9240 3000,


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