David Thompson's favourite hot sauce

Author: Sophie McComas

There's no rooster on the bottle - a symbol which has become almost ubiquitous with sriracha sauce thanks to the Los Angeles brand Huy Fong - but  Koh Loy Sriracha Sauce is the best sauce sriracha Long Chim's David Thompson has ever come across. When the master of Thai food pinpoints anything as his favourite, we sit up and listen, and Koh Loy Sriracha Sauce is the real deal. 

"It's the only sriracha I know that's actually made in Si Racha, in the Chonburi province, about one hour's drive from Bangkok. It's been made by the same family for over 100 years," says Thompson. "It's delicious, savoury and a friendly accompaniment to all dishes. The sauce's honed balance sings on the plate and sings on the palate: it's truly Thai."

What's the best way to enjoy it? Thompson's prefered way is with seafood - any type. "In fact it was made to be eaten with deep fried fish - Si Racha district is a major fishing port," he says. 

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