Scenes from the Gourmet Traveller x Lune pop-up

Author: Emma Breheny and Maggie Scardifield
Photography: Will Horner

Sydney finally got a taste of Melbourne's famed Lune croissants on Thursday 24 August at a pop-up hosted by Gourmet Traveller to celebrate its September issue, which marks a new design and the launch of the 2018 Australian Restaurant Guide.

The pop-up was also the first time Lune Croissanterie had offered their pastries - hailed by many as the best croissants in Australia - outside Melbourne.

"The idea of working with Gourmet Traveller to bring our pastries interstate was something very exciting to us," Lune founder Kate Reid says.

Throughout the morning, a line of pastry connoisseurs and curious passersby formed outside Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills, before snaking around the corner and across the road. Couples, families with children and solo pilgrims took selfies, flicked through copies of the new Gourmet Traveller, and ordered coffees from Paramount staff while they waited. By noon, there was clapping and cheering as the Sonoma Bakery van delivering the pastries (and their makers, Kate and Cam Reid) arrived. Trays of freshly-baked croissants appeared, there was a flurry of people keen to get the first Instagram shot, and then the pastries were whisked inside by the Reids, both in crisp bakers' whites.

First to get a taste of the goods were Tam Le and Chi Pham. The couple are such fans of Lune's baked goods they fly regularly from Sydney to Melbourne for them. They arrived at 9am to secure their spot at the front of the line - a relatively low-key affair compared to their previous treks - and were greeted by Kate Reid with a squeal and an embrace.

A more recent convert was Constance Zennec, a Parisian living in Clovelly, who tried her first Lune croissant at the pop-up.

"Definitely the best croissant in Australia and in our personal top five croissants ever," she said. "We lined up for an hour but it was worth it. They are very buttery and I just love it."

To get a taste, people had to purchase a copy of the new issue of Gourmet Traveller and present it to staff at the pop-up in exchange for one croissant. The Reids baked an extra 500 croissants on top of their usual weekly production of 8000 per week for the pop-up, with the first 60 punters to arrive at Paramount rewarded with both a plain croissant and a twice-baked almond.

Outside the café, people wasted no time in trying what was for many their first Lune pastry. And the verdict was unanimous: buttery, flaky and definitely worth the wait.

The new-look Gourmet Traveller is on sale now, along with the 2018 Australian Restaurant Guide.

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