The winners of our 50th birthday competition

We ran our largest competition ever this year to celebrate our 50th anniversary issue. Here are all the winners.

1. Top Notch Tableware by Bonnie & Neil           

Miss Jacinta Bowden

Miss Chris Leigh


2. Coffee Supreme by Delonghi                               

Mr Christopher Love     


3. Fijian Getaway by DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Fiji

Mr Chris Mulholland


4. 'Outback Luxe' by Delaware North Parks & Resorts

Mrs Sheridan Rokali


5. Face Value by Elizabeth Arden

Ms Emma Clegg

Miss Sue Lowther

Mrs Ros Clarke

Miss Rebecca Maynes  


6. Global Library by Hardie Grant

Mrs Natasha Rudge

Mrs Nina Martin

Mrs Emma Oliver

Mr David Stevens

Miss Rhonda Mattinson


7. Laquiole "white" by Louis Thiers 'Set and Match'

Mrs Soleima Dib

Ms Isabella Jacomb

Miss Stephanie Everett


8. Laguiole 'Mondial' by Louis Thiers

Miss Catherine Rose

Miss Marlene Antoon

Mr Cheuk Yan Ma           


9. 'Lizard Island' by Delaware North Parks & Resorts

Miss Rene McKee           


10. Meal Magic by Magimix

Mr Alex Cameron           


11. Not so Basic by Marble Basics

Miss Rhonda Mattinson

Mrs Debbie Price

Mrs Lynda Testa

Ms Diana Pervanic

Mrs Jennifer Sellwood

Mrs Sandy Matthews

Mr Cliff Chang

Mrs Glennys Maloney

Mrs Laura Power

Mr Zebb Moody

Miss Natasha Bozajkovska

Mrs Kylie Weckerle

Ms Kathleen Hore

Mr Zoran Radosavic

Mr Andrew Lim

Mrs Cheryl McKay

Miss Emma Barber

Mr Brett Nilon

Miss Julie Morgan

Ms Kate Gemmell


12. Pretty Porcelain by Mud Australia

Mrs Jayne Kavanagh

Mr Peter Rob

Mrs Kay Moodie

Ms Belinda Ban

Mr Chris Mulholland

Mrs Jeannine Clegg

Mrs Rowena Baciu

Miss Brenda Malcolm    


13. Panning out well by SCANPAN

Mrs Kylie Crocker

Mr Chris Mulholland

Ms Jenny Blair

Mrs Anne Davies             


14. Travel Mate by SEIKO

Miss Alex Tomasetti      


15. Retro Cool by SMEG

Mr Scott Sheppard         


16. Timeless Timepiece by Longines

Miss Allison Bacon          


17. Malaysian Escape by The Datai Langkawi

Ms Jessica Greenhatch 


18. 'Tropical Retreat' by The Lancemore Group

Ms Cheryl Moulton        


19. 'Looking Sharp' by Victorinox

Mr Christina Hatzis

Miss Hannah Prouse


20. Mix it Up by Vitamix              

Mr Wayne Hodson

Miss Taylor Mckay


21. Fizz with Flair by Waterford

Mrs Lorelli Lett

Ms Natalie Demir

Mrs Julie Pignataro         


22 - 'Cultural Sydney Weekend' by AGNSW and MCa.

Mr Craig Shepherd         


23. Trip to London by BA and LHW

Mr Peter Rob    


24. 'Cruise Southern France' by European Waterways

Miss Erica Carr

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