Kochi yuzu dinner, Tetsuya's

Author: Maya Kerthyasa

Yuzu. It's the zingy citrus you've probably seen drizzled over raw fish, mixed through cocktails or churned through mayonnaise. In Japan, it's widely used in winter to add another level of flavour to hot dishes such as soup, or even as an ancient form of bath bomb. Japan's Kochi prefecture is the number one producer of yuzu, and the juice its farmers export to Australia (getting the fresh fruit past Customs is a fairly difficult exercise) is considered some of the best in the business.

Tetsuya Wakuda put the spotlight on Kochi yuzu this week, hosting an eight-course dinner in its honour. We joined in for a taste of the fun.

The food Wakuda turned up the Japanese-citrus dial with oysters seasoned with yuzu, ginger and olive oil; skewered John Dory immersed in a shot glass of yuzu juice, sea water and spring vegetables; near-translucent sheets of raw cuttlefish with yuzu and squid ink tapioca pearls; and a delicate composition of yuzu granita and yuzu jelly, finished off with an uplifting leatherwood honey ice-cream.

The drink Kirin Fuji apple and ume cider, Kirara Kikusui junmai sake, 2011 Pierro Chardonnay for Tetsuya's and 2009 Torbreck Mataro for Tetsuya's.

We loved Of all the yuzu-accented flavours, the granita and jelly with those subtle leatherwood notes got the money in our book.

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