Chopsticks for every occasion

Photography: Will Horner, with styling by Aimee Jones

Pick up your sticks game for your next Asian meal with sharp pairs in everything from maple to sterling silver.

Clockwise from left:

1 Stainless-steel chopsticks, $20 for five pairs, from Williams-Sonoma

2 Acorn sterling silver and ebony chopsticks with rests (not pictured), $750 for two sets, from Georg Jensen

3 "Uni" silver Japanese chopsticks, $130, from Pavillon Christofle

4 Mixed "Solid Colour" chopsticks, $29.95 for five pairs, from The Bay Tree

5 "Twist" chopsticks, $32, from The DEA Store

Davin & Kesler maple-wood chopsticks with cocobolo rest, $38, from Peter's of Kensington

7 "Garden of Eden" ebony and rose gold Chinese chopsticks, $480, from Pavillon Christofle.

"Galet" ebony and silver Japanese chopsticks, $240, from Pavillon Christofle

9 Textured blue chopsticks, $5, from Made in Japan.

10 Aizome chopsticks, $29.95 for five pairs, from The Bay Tree

11 Yoshino cedar chopsticks, $79 for 30 pairs, from Ginkgo Leaf.

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