Ceramic dinnerware

Photography: Andrew Finlayson, styling by Lisa Featherby

From top to bottom:


Snowflake dish, $35, from Chuchu.

Kuro side plate, $35, and dinner plate, $50, by Elke Lucas, from The DEA Store.

Ellen Degeneres Glaze Grey plate, $17, from Peter's of Kensington.

Black Japanese ceramic katakuchi, $79, from The DEA Store.

Shiny grey bowl, $70, from Chuchu.


Deep blue soup bowl, $70, from Chuchu.

Kasper W├╝rtz 30cm G Glaze grey plate, $160, from Ondene.

White speckled platter, $59, from Ghost Wares.

Tela small glass in Smoke by Wrong for Hay, $30, from Hay.


Globe bowl in Slate, $34.95, from Batch Ceramics.

Matte white plate, $50, and grey side plate, $35, from Chuchu.

White Speckle plate, $55, from Penelope Duke.

Copper eating spoons with forced patina, $30 each, from Quies Designs.

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