Kitchen trends: monochrome decor

Author: Steve Cordony
Photography: Peter Clarke

Looking for contemporary yet timeless appeal? Look no further than a textural palette of black and white.
Items listed left to right in descending order.
1. Krenit salad servers, $35, from BYMR.
2. Lily bowl, $239, from Beäns + Jäzz.
3. Ross Gardam Asymmetry tall table, $3,500, from Stylecraft.
4. Mattermade Discus chandelier, $27,500, from Criteria.
5. DW soap dispenser, $245, from Becker Minty.
6. Resin "Tribal" platter, $295, from Dinosaur Designs.
7. FD Style grater, $55, from Saison.
8. Icon + Hob tapware set in matt black, $1,102, from Astra Walker.
9. Malibu dining table, $1,900, from Fenton & Fenton.
10. Mio Amber candle, $29.95, from Country Road.
11. Missoni Home "Sigmund" cushion, $380, and throw, $955, from Spence & Lyda.

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