Ice-cube trays

Photography: Rodney Macuja

Give the clink in your glass some extra class.

1 Tovolo Perfect Cube ice tray, $27.95 for set of two, from Donaldson Enterprises.

2 Shot glass ice tray, $14.95, from Sunny Life.

3 Suck UK Frozen Peas ice-cube maker, $24, from Top3 by Design.

4 Moustache novelty ice mould, $20 for a set of two, from Williams-Sonoma.

5 Plastis ice-cube tray, $1, from Ikea.

6 Pineapple ice tray, $19.95 for a set of two, from Sunny Life.

7 Joie ice-cube tray with lid, $9.95, from The Bay Tree.

8 Tovolo King Cube ice tray, $16.95, from Donaldson Enterprises.

9 Joseph Joseph Quicksnap ice-cube tray, $16.95, from David Jones.

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