Gravy jugs

Photography: Rodney Macuja

When you're looking for sauce material, pick a show boat to bring a splash of style to winter comfort dining.

1 Small porcelain jug, $22, from Mud Australia.

2 Glass gravy boat, 60ml, $3.95, from Maxwell & Williams

3 Ciroa "Bistro" jug, $7.95, from David Jones

4 Jester jug with gold foil, $24.90, from Citta Design

5 Piluvyt gravy jug with warmer, $86, from Williams-Sonoma

6 Tony Sly jug, $30, from The Bay Tree

7 Enamel jug, in Flint, $50, from Koskela

8 Kitchen jug, in Half Moon, $29.95, from Robert Gordon Australia

9 Sterling silver vintage gravy boat, $95, from The Bay Tree

10 Glass gravy boat, $29.95, from Williams-Sonoma

11 Vintage gravy jug, $65, from The Bay Tree. Solid walnut circle shelf, large, $890, from Bride and Wolfe


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