Ice-cream scoops

Photography: James Evans

We've got the scoop on the handiest tools for dishing out your iced desserts. Dig in.

1 Stainless "Soft Touch" ice-cream scoop, $12.95, from Cuisinart.

2 Ecology Provisions ice-cream scoop, $8.95, from David Jones.

3 Piazza ice-cream scoop in medium, $36, from Williams-Sonoma.

4 Zyliss ice-cream scoop, $22.99, from Robins Kitchen.

5 Chef du Monde ice-cream scoop, $9.95, from Maxwell & Williams.

6 Ice-cream scoop, with trigger handle, 60mm, $14.95, from Wheel & Barrow.

7 Gelati scoop in aluminium, $7.95, from Wheel & Barrow.

8 Gelato spade, $9.95, from Chefs' Warehouse.

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