Photography: Julie Crespel

A table awaiting a wintry braise or crumble from the oven warrants a handsome trivet.

1 Pluto metal trivet, $46, from Nordic Fusion.

2 Round timber board, $42, from Funkis.

3 Bridge Room 20cm felt trivet, $22, from Funkis.

4 Normann Copenhagen timber trivet, $40, from Nordic Fusion.

5 Eva Solo "Dish Mat Black", $55, from Top 3 by Design.

6 Country Road "Britta" oak trivet, $17.95.

7 Lightly "Sophia" cork placemat, $26.

8 Lightly "Tia" recycled cork and rubber placemat, $65 for set of four.

9 Ikea cork pot stand, $4.99 for set of three.

10 Pluto metal trivet, $46, from Nordic Fusion.

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