Lychee Lounge’s West End Wit-Cooler

Photography: Rob Shaw

Two seemingly disparate ingredients, one thoroughly refreshing cocktail.

"Combining two of my favourite summer ingredients - beer and watermelon - we wanted to create a cooling yet slightly complex cocktail to combat Brisbane's summer heat," says Perryn "Pez" Collier of the drink he created for West End's veteran Lychee Lounge as booze boss for the Moubment Group. Lychee Lounge, 2/94 Boundary St, West End, Qld, (07) 3846 0544

Muddle some chunks of watermelon in the bottom of a tall glass (or simply add 60ml freshly juiced or blended watermelon), add ice to fill, stir in 40ml Aperol, sugar syrup to taste (Collier uses 5ml), top with wheat beer and serve.

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