Popolo’s Bloody Maria

Photography: Julie Crespel

The Bloody Mary takes a southern Italian turn - for the better.

"Do not let the cure become the cause." Wise words, but also something of a challenge when the hangover palliative in question is as tasty as this newcomer to the Popolo breakfast menu. We say "shake long and hard", but a gentle yet persistent stirring will also do the trick if noise-sensitivity happens to be an issue. Popolo, 50 McLachlan Ave, Rushcutters Bay, NSW, (02) 9361 6641.

Add 120ml fresh tomato juice, 40ml Averna, 40ml lemon juice, 30ml pork neck jus (or 30ml Worcestershire sauce), a shake of smoked paprika and half a small red chilli to a shaker half-filled with ice. Shake long and hard, then pour the mix into a tall glass filled with crushed ice and rimmed with Murray River pink salt. Garnish with four Sicilian olives, a grinding of black pepper and the other half of the chilli and serve gently.

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