Sentinel Bar and Grill’s Power of Three

Photography: Julie Crespel

In this refreshing artichoke-fuelled twist on the Negroni, three is definitely a crowd (pleaser).

Wait a minute. A Negroni variation without Campari? How does that work? "The Cynar artichoke bitters work really well with orange, as does the French apéritif wine Lillet blanc," says Sentinel's bar manager, Luke Vanhoe. "Having a sipping apéritif or digestif cocktail on the list to balance out all the fresh, fruity cocktails is great." Vanhoe uses Broker's, a house pour, in The Power of Three and Sentinel's other gin-based drinks, but he says any other floral gin would work just as well. Sentinel Bar and Grill, 111 St Georges Tce, Perth, WA, (08) 6103 0507.

Stir 25ml Broker's gin, 25ml Cynar and 25ml Lillet blanc over ice and strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with a twist of orange and serve.

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